Join Behavioral Health Dr. Ivy Loney for a consultation online or at the

Show Low, AZ office. The consultation is designed to calm your nervous system and support a healthier mindset.>

It is a unique experience and works to bring about lasting change. Any lasting change must take place within you. It must be experienced and our goal is to help facilitate that experience. Together we create a custom path to self-care through mind and body tools that support your nervous system and improve your wellbeing. You will have to experience a consult for yourself to better understand it. We want you to feel empowered to live your life to the fullest, honoring where you are now and where you hope to be!


The work borrows from several evidenced based modalities: mindfulness, cognitive behavioral , somatic experiencing, neural integration, HeartMath, meditation, sound therapy, and hypnotherapy.

Elemental Integration (Ei) is not counseling. Although it can be used in conjunction with more formal psychotherapy. 

You will get benefit from a single session, however in our experience 7 sessions provides optimal benefit. In part, because of the neural integration work. Neural integration helps to open brain pathways that may have become stuck or blocked due to stress and overwhelm. It is transformative! If you live out of the area you will still get neural integrative tools you can work with at home.

Prices start at $50.