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Dr. Ivy Loney, DBH, MSW is the owner and founder of Elemental Integration (Ei). A doctorate of behavioral health from Arizona State University and over 20 years of training, education, and experience has informed this work.


Our goal is to create a culture of wellbeing by providing simple and effective tools to down-regulate your nervous system and improve your mindset. We are not the victims of our symptoms. We can work with our bodies through the mind and support a healthier version of ourselves-no matter where we may be today on the spectrum of wellness.


Elemental Integration (Ei) translates to basic wholeness, yet it is so much more than that. It is a customized path to self-care honoring both where you are now and supporting the vision of where you would like to be.


To schedule a consultation or wellbeing workshop in your community call or text us at 518-855-1473. 

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