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Seriously! Life does not have to be such a struggle. I was asked a question a few years ago that completely changed my life. “What is your worst fear?” Of course I have several fears that are anxiety provoking, but what is my worst fear? I pondered. It was the fear that I would spend the rest of my life unhappy and grinding toward goals, just to realize that I had wished it all away. 


Have you ever found yourself suffering through times that should have been a celebration? So quickly moving on to the next step or goal that you do not let yourself enjoy or appreciate the process. Have your goals and vision for your future stolen the joy of the moment? All the while I had been feeling overwhelmed and miserable I had a lot of great things going on. I have an enviable life really, which made me feel even more guilty for not fully appreciating it. This was the moment that I REALLY understood the value of mindfulness. Being as present as possible in every moment, trusting the unfolding. I had spent my lifetime working on goals,—degrees, and certifications - in behavioral health nonetheless! I was just getting through it, my life, in order to arrive at some place. I had gotten so caught up in checking off those boxes towards my goals, I had all but forgotten to actually enjoy my life.


Ever since, I have made a commitment to myself to be present, and to consciously create a life that I love from moment to moment. To downshift from a culture that promotes continual sacrifice to achieve more and is always raising the bar on us, just when we think we have arrived.


You see, time and health are our most valuable assets. Yet we often so willingly sacrifice them for goals and achievements, putting off our lives for someday when. I believe that we all deserve to embody contentment and wellbeing at any phase of our lives. I teach you step by step how to have this for yourself in 7 Session Shift - a burnout prevention program and hug for the nervous system. Get out of fight or flight and stop feeling so on edge so you can enjoy this life you are creating! 


Now I am on a mission to help others transform their lives from surviving to thriving as I did! To really find and feel in alignment with your life path.


A doctorate of behavioral health and a masters in social work from Arizona State University, combined with over 20 years of training, education, and experience has informed this profound work. Dr. Ivy Loney, DBH< LMSW is also a Chopra Center Certified Meditation Teacher and a National Mental Health First Aid Trainer. 


Learn to lean into your bodies wisdom!


Elemental Integration (Ei) translates to basic wholeness, yet it is so much more than that. It is a customized path to self-care honoring both where you are now and supporting the vision of where you would like to be.

Join one of our experiences or intimate healing retreats!   

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